ICE Poker

How to Start Playing Challenge Mode

Steps on how to start playing Challenge Mode
Got your All Access wearable and ready to hit the tables? Let's go!
If you don't have a wearable, then visit our How to Get an ICE Wearable guide for steps on how to get one.

Create a Decentraland Account

Challenge Mode is currently only available in ICE Poker Metaverse. Before you play, you'll need to set up a Decentraland account.

Hop into Decentraland and Join a Table

To start playing, head over to The Stronghold, our Decentraland venue.
Checking into the venue will give you your daily chips and assign you a table. Complete your daily challenges and rise up the leaderboard to earn rewards. Have fun!
Video Guide on How to Play ICE Poker's Challenge Mode

View Rewards

Rewards are paid out daily at 00:00 UTC. To view your rewards, visit the DG Account page.