Frequently asked questions about Wearables

What are ICE wearables?

ICE wearables are virtual clothes you equip to play and customize your avatar with.

What are the different types of ICE wearable?
  • All Access Wearables — Access to all game modes and platforms for the full ICE Poker experience.

  • Arcade Wearables — Access to the ICE Poker Arcade app and Arcade Mode in the Metaverse. A low-cost entry point to start playing.

Learn more about ICE wearable types.

How do I get an ICE wearable?

You can get an ICE wearable by:

What's a wearable rank?

Your wearable's rank determines your ICE bonus which increases your rewards from Challenge Mode.

Higher-ranked wearables have a higher ICE bonus.

How do I upgrade my wearable?

To upgrade your wearable, you need to spend $DG, $ICE, and XP on the DG Account page.

What's Shine?

Shine = tickets to enter tournaments in Arcade Mode.

To enter a tournament, you spend Shine. Shine entry varies for different game modes and special events. If you place 1st in a tournament, you’ll also win your Shine entry back.

You buy more Shine to add to your wearable by spending $ICE on the DG Account page or ICE Poker Arcade app.

What happens if you send an ICE Wearable to another address?

If you send an ICE Wearable to another address then it loses it's Shine and must be reactivated for 1,400 $ICE.

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