ICE Poker

Tournament Mode

Frequently asked questions about Tournament Mode
Tournament Mode is a fast-paced, 6-player, single-elimination tournament where you can compete to win badges that can be redeemed for large prizes such as ICE wearables and $ICE tokens.
To play, you'll need an ICE wearable with Shine. To learn more, check out What are ICE Wearables.
You can think of Shine like your ticket into a tournament. To enter, you use a certain amount of Shine.
To add Shine to your wearable, visit the DG Account page.
The amount of Shine required varies depending on platform (ICE Poker Metaverse or ICE Poker Flex), venue, and whether it’s a special event.
Shine entries are listed on the Tournament Details menu before joining a tournament.
If you place in the top two of any tournament, you’ll win the following:
  • 1st Place — Tournament Badges + Shine refunded back to your wearable
  • 2nd Place — Tournament Badges
For example, the prizes for a 3 Shine entry tournament are:
  • 1st Place — 2 Tournament Badges + Shine refund
  • 2nd Place — 1 Tournament Badge
Tournament Badges are used to redeem prizes from the Tournament Prize Marketplace.
You can redeem prizes from the Tournament Prize Marketplace, such as:
  • All Access wearables
  • $ICE tokens
  • Shine