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Team Tools

Tools to effectively manage your players and scale your ICE Poker team

Basic ICE Poker Team Tools

All ICE Poker team owners have access to the basic team management tools:
  • Built-in ICE wearables lending
  • Trustless daily reward share and payouts

Premium ICE Poker Team Tools

To access premium team management tools, you'll need 1,000 $xDG per ICE wearable.
For example: A team with 2 wearables needs 2,000 xDG to unlock the premium tools.
Premium ICE Poker team management tools include:
  • Team Dashboard
  • Ability to name your team and players
  • Access to the ICE Poker Player Lookup Tool to vet a player's past performance
  • Ability to add a Team Manager who can see your Team Dashboard and manage your team for you
Decentral Games will develop additional premium features over time to improve the ICE Poker team management experience.

Team Dashboard

The Team Dashboard allows you to easily track player performance and see a breakdown of their stats, such as:
  • Average daily $ICE
  • Total $ICE earned
  • Check-ins
  • Finished challenges
  • Average leaderboard tier
ICE Poker Team Dashboard
Viewing Your ICE Poker Player's History