Tokens and Rewards

Frequently asked questions about tokens and rewards

What's $ICE?

ICE is an in-game currency used to:

  • Buy game items such as ICE wearables and accessories.

  • Buy Shine to enter tournaments.

  • Upgrade ICE wearables.

What's $DG?

$DG is a utility token used to:

  • Stake for $xDG.

  • Activate and upgrade ICE wearables.

To learn more, check out the Decentral Games whitepaper.

What's $xDG?

$xDG (staked $DG) is a governance token used to:

  • Govern the Decentral Games Treasury.

  • Vote on ICE Poker gameplay changes.

  • Give access to ICE Poker Team Leagues.

  • Give access to premium ICE Poker team management tools.

To learn more, check out the Decentral Games whitepaper.

Where do you buy $ICE and $DG?



For a guide on how to buy, check out How to Buy $ICE.

What's Banked ICE?

If you play Challenge Mode with borrowed wearable, you'll earn Banked ICE.

You can use Banked ICE to redeem prizes such as discounted All Access wearables, Tournament wearables, and Shine. To learn more, check out our Banked ICE blog post.

When are Challenge Mode rewards paid out?

Rewards are paid out daily at 00:00 UTC.

Where do you see your rewards?

To view your rewards, go to the DG Account page.

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