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Play poker and win big prizes
ICE Poker
Before playing ICE Poker, please read and understand our Notice and Disclaimer and Terms of Use.
ICE Poker is free to play. It does not involve staking or wagering of money or money's worth. For a legal opinion on this matter, see our Legal Opinion.
Note: This document is subject to change as development progresses.
(Last updated April 2023)
Welcome to ICE Poker: the first Metaverse poker platform.
Join thousands of players worldwide and play poker for big prizes such as MacBooks, iPhones, high-value NFT collections, and more. The best part? You can get started playing for free!
Diamond Hands Thursday poker night

What Is ICE Poker?

ICE Poker is a Metaverse poker game where you can earn $ICE token rewards, high-ticket prizes, rare skins, and digital collectibles by:
  • Winning tournaments.
  • Completing daily challenges.
  • Managing an ICE Poker team for a reward split.
Every time you level up, you’ll also earn a chest that contains mystery prizes.
Whether you're a poker beginner or a seasoned vet, you'll have a fun time playing.


Play at home or on go! ICE Poker is available on 2 platforms:
  • ICE Poker Metaverse
  • ICE Poker Arcade app
All of your rewards and in-game items work across both platforms.

ICE Poker Metaverse

Immerse yourself into the virtual world of Decentraland for a unique poker experience.
Decentraland is a virtual world owned by its users.
You can play in your desktop browser or on the desktop app. To download the desktop app, go to Decentraland's site.
Ready to dive into the Metaverse? Hop into the Stronghold now.
ICE Poker Metaverse Gameplay

ICE Poker Arcade App

ICE Poker Arcade app is a web app that you can play on any browser. No download needed.
Play on your desktop at home or hit the tables from your phone. You can also play multiple tables at once with our multi-table feature.
Multi-tables in ICE Poker Arcade app

Game Modes

  • Free Play Mode: Play free poker and level up to earn prizes. Receive free chips to play each day, complete challenges, and increase your chip stack to level up and get ICE Poker Chests. Free Play Mode is perfect for learning the ropes, testing out new strategies, or growing your ICE Poker level. Learn about Free Play Mode.
  • Challenge Mode: Receive free chips to play, and earn $ICE for completing challenges and ranking high on the daily leaderboard. Aside from playing, you can also recruit other players to join your ICE Poker team. Manage and grow your team to earn a share of your players’ rewards. Learn about Challenge Mode.
  • Arcade Mode: Test your poker skills and compete in 6-player, single table tournaments. If you place top 2 in any tournament, you’ll win badges that you can use to redeem for prizes in the Prize Shop such as iPhones, MacBooks, raffle tickets, high-value NFT collections, and more. Learn about Arcade Mode.
Game Mode
ICE Poker Arcade
ICE Poker Metaverse
Free Play Mode
Challenge Mode
Arcade Mode
Arcade Prize Shop
Shine = tickets to enter tournaments in Arcade Mode.
To enter a tournament, you spend Shine. Shine entry varies for different game modes and special events. If you place 1st in a tournament, you’ll also win your Shine entry back.
Shine is stored on your ICE Poker wearable (next section). You buy more Shine to add to your wearable by spending $ICE on the DG Account page or ICE Poker Arcade app.


ICE Poker wearables are virtual clothes you equip to play ICE Poker with.
There are currently 2 types of wearables that give you varying access to our game modes and platforms:
  • Arcade wearables: Access to the ICE Poker Arcade app and Arcade Mode in the Metaverse. A low-cost entry point to start playing.
  • All Access wearables: Access to all game modes and platforms for the full ICE Poker experience. Upgrade All Access wearables to earn more rewards from Challenge Mode and get exclusive perks.
Challenge Mode
Arcade Mode
Arcade wearable
All Access wearable
Wearables come in various rarities and themes. Be a pirate, spartan, chef, gecko, and more!
Personalize your look: mix and match different pieces, collect a full set of your favorite outfit, or collect rare limited edition wearables.
ICE Poker All Access Wearable Collections
In ICE Poker: you own your skins and items.
Wearables and game items are NFTs that belong to you. Equip them to play ICE Poker, collect them, sell them, trade them, lend them out to create your own poker team, or take them with you to use in other games.

Ready to hit the tables?

Check out our Ultimate ICE Poker Beginner's Guide to learn how to start playing.

Player Levels

Play, earn points, and level up to unlock special features.
Player Level
All players start at level 1. You can earn points by playing any game mode.
  • Free Play Mode: Earn points by winning hands, completing challenges, and increasing your chip stack.
  • Challenge Mode: Earn points by winning hands and completing challenges.
  • Arcade Mode: Earn points by winning hands and placing high in tournaments.
You’ll get a chest that contains randomized prizes every time you level up. As you level up, you’ll also increase your rank which will unlock exclusive perks in the future.


Unlock chests for exciting prizes such as badges, rare wearables, emotes, and more.
  • Shine: Use Shine to enter tournaments.
  • Badges: Redeem prizes such as MacBooks, iPhones, and high value NFT collections from the Arcade Prize Shop.
  • Emotes: Short actions your avatar performs.
  • Accessories: Enhance your avatar with cosmetic items.
  • Arcade wearables: Gain access to ICE Poker Arcade tournaments.
  • All Access wearables: Gain access to all ICE Poker game modes and platforms. Equip them to play or lend them out to other players for rewards.
Your player level determines the chances of what type of chest you get. The higher your level, the higher chance of you scoring rarer chests and bigger prizes.


Recruit players and build your own ICE Poker team to earn in-game rewards—the better your team performs, the more rewards you earn.
ICE Poker also offers tools to manage your players and scale your ICE Poker team such as a Team Dashboard, Player Look Up, and trustless daily payouts.

Ready to hit the tables?

Check out our Ultimate ICE Poker Beginner's Guide to learn how to start playing.

Community Owned

ICE Poker is owned and managed by the Decentral Games DAO, a collective of community members striving towards the shared mission of onboarding millions of users into the Metaverse.
Community members who hold $xDG tokens can help shape the future of ICE Poker by proposing and voting on new game features, game setting adjustments, and a wide range of other key decisions.
Instead of a central authority, power is distributed across all token holders and every member has a say in the decision making.
To learn more about the Decentral Games DAO and how to get involved, check out our DAO Overview blog post.
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