ICE Poker

How to Start Playing Tournament Mode

Guides on how to start playing Tournament Mode, add Shine, and redeem badges
Got your Tournament-compatible wearable and ready to hit the tables? Let's go!
If you don't have a wearable, then visit our How to Get an ICE Wearable guide for steps on how to get one.

Join a Tournament

To join a tournament, visit the ICE Poker Flex site and connect your wallet.
Your tournament will start when five other players are seated at your table. Have fun!
Video Guide on How to Join ICE Poker's Tournament Mode

Add More Shine

You can add Shine to your wearables on the DG Account page.
You'll need enough $ICE in your wallet for the amount of Shine you want to add:
  • 500 $ICE = 4 Shine
  • 1,000 $ICE = 9 Shine
  • 2,000 $ICE = 20 Shine
Need help buying $ICE? Visit the How to Buy $ICE guide.​
Video Guide on How to Add Shine to Your ICE Wearable

Redeem Tournament Badges

Congrats, you won a tournament!
Video Guide on How to Redeem Your Tournament Badges