ICE Poker

How to Start Playing Arcade Mode

Guides on how to start playing Arcade Mode and add Shine

Join a Tournament

You can start playing in 3 simple steps:
  • Step 1: Sign into the ICE Poke​r Arcade app.
  • Step 2: Get an Arcade wearable. You can buy one using your card directly in the app. New Arcade wearables come with 9 Shine.
  • Step 3: Join a tournament. Your tournament will start when 5 other players are seated at the table.
Video Guide on How to Join a Tournament

Add More Shine

You can add Shine to your wearables on the DG Account page or in the ICE Poker Arcade app.
You'll need enough $ICE in your wallet for the amount of Shine you want to add:
  • 500 $ICE = 4 Shine
  • 1,000 $ICE = 9 Shine
  • 2,000 $ICE = 20 Shine
Need help buying $ICE? Visit the How to Buy $ICE guide.​
Video Guide on How to Add Shine to Your ICE Wearable