Smart Contracts


  • ‚ÄčiceToken - ICE ERC20 token contract

  • iceKeeper - ICE Rewards contract that distributes ICE to players

  • iceRegistrant - Contract that maps NFT IDs, owners, delegates, and bonuses


  • iceExchange - NFT marketplace contract

Adjustable Variables

In order to ensure Play-to-Earn ICE Poker is launched smoothly and may adjust to market conditions, the Decentral Games team will be able to adjust the following variables in the first 3 months:

  • ICE burn prices for all NFT ranks

  • DG prices for all NFT ranks

  • ICE bonus ranges for NFT ranks

  • Rank 1 NFT prices in ETH

  • % of Rank 1 NFT sale ETH proceeds converted to ICE to be burned

  • Re-ICE (reactivation) price

  • Challenges and difficultly variables


After this 3 months period, these variables will be only adjustable though a Decentral Games DAO vote.