ICE Poker
Player Journey

Step 1: Player Buys ICE NFT (or Receives Delegation)

A player purchases or receives delegation for an ICE NFT Wearable. This enables the player to earn ICE from playing poker with Chips. Read more about enabling play-to-earn through an ICE NFT wearable(s) here:

Step 2: Player Earns ICE By Playing Poker

Players use Chips to complete daily challenges and compete for ICE multipliers for placing in the daily leaderboard. Read more about how to earn and maximize ICE rewards here:

Step 3: Player Upgrades NFTs by burning ICE

Players burn ICE and existing NFT wearables to mint new, rarer NFT wearables. A higher ranked NFT yields a larger ICE bonus and a new, more exclusive look. Read more about the costs and benefits associated with minting higher ranked ICE NFTs here: