ICE Poker

What are ICE Wearables?

Learn about ICE Poker wearables
To play ICE Poker, you need at least one ICE wearable.
You can get a wearable by buying one or joining an ICE Poker team to borrow one and start playing for free.

About ICE Wearables

ICE wearables are virtual clothes that you equip to play ICE Poker and customize your avatar with.
ICE Poker All Access Wearable Collection
Wearables are NFTs — these items belong to you. Equip them to play ICE Poker, collect them, trade them, lend them out to create your own poker team, or take them with you to other games.

ICE Wearable Types

You can choose between three types of wearables that give varying access to ICE Poker’s game modes and platforms:
  • Entry-Level Tier: Tournament Wearables — Access to Tournament Mode on both platforms, a low-cost entry point to start playing.
  • Middle Tier: Flex Wearables — Access to both game modes on ICE Poker Flex. (Coming soon)
  • Highest Tier: All Access Wearables — Access to both game modes and platforms for the full ICE Poker experience.
Game Mode and Platform Access for Each ICE Wearable Type


All wearables have an allocation of Shine:
  • New Tournament wearables start with 9 Shine.
  • Flex wearables and All Access wearables start with 0 Shine.
You can think of Shine like your ticket into a tournament. To enter, you use a certain amount of Shine.
To add Shine to your wearable, visit the DG Account page.
Note: Wearables lose their Shine if they are transferred or sold.