ICE Poker

Upgrading ICE Wearables

Learn about upgrading wearables to increase your rewards
All Access wearables have an ICE bonus that increases your daily rewards.
Wearables are ranked from 1 to 5 which determines the ICE bonus. Higher-ranked wearables have a higher bonus.
Upgrading an ICE Wearable from Rank 2 to Rank 3
To upgrade your wearable, you need to spend $DG, $ICE, and XP on the DG Account page.

Wearable Ranks, Upgrade Fees, and ICE Bonuses

Upgraded ICE wearables receive an ICE bonus within the following ranges.
Upgrade Fee
ICE Bonus
Rank 1
+ 1 - 7%
Rank 2
100 DG
50 XP
5,000 ICE
+ 8 - 15%
Rank 3
100 DG
75 XP
7,500 ICE
+ 16 - 24%
Rank 4
100 DG
100 XP
10,000 ICE
+ 25 - 34%
Rank 5 (Diamond Hands)
100 DG
125 XP
12,500 ICE
+ 35 - 45%

Diamond Hands All Access Wearables

Upgrading an All Access wearable to rank 5 (Diamond Hands) allows you to play at Diamonds Hands City — our exclusive Metaverse venue only accessible to prestigious rank 5 wearable owners.
Diamond Hands City

Diamond Hands Thursday

Our community meets up every Thursday night at 8pm EST for a fun poker night. Come play, hang out, and enjoy live music with fellow Diamond Hand wearable owners.
Diamond Hands Thursday

Ready to Upgrade Your Wearable?

Head over to the DG Account page.