ICE Poker

Getting an ICE Wearable

Learn how to get an ICE wearable to start playing
There are three ways you can get an ICE wearable:

Buying from the DG Marketplace

You can buy a Tournament wearable from the DG Marketplace.
Buying a wearable is simple! You can check out with your card in a few clicks.
Decentral Games Marketplace — Credit Card Checkout

Buying from the Secondary Marketplace

You can buy an All Access wearable from OpenSea, a secondary NFT marketplace.

Activating ICE Wearables

After buying an ICE wearable from the secondary market or transferring to a new wallet, there's a 2,500 $ICE activation fee.
To activate your wearable, visit the DG Account page.
Activation Fee
Buying from the DG Marketplace
No fee
Buying from a secondary marketplace
2,500 $ICE
Transferring wearable to a new wallet
2,500 $ICE

Joining an ICE Poker Team

You can start playing Challenge Mode for free by joining an ICE Poker team.
When you're part of a team, your Team Manager will assign you a wearable to borrow for a reward split. The reward split for a rank 1 wearable is:
  • 60% to the player
  • 40% to the ICE wearable owner
To learn more about reward splits, check out Lending ICE Wearables.

Learn More

For a guide on how to buy a wearable or join an ICE Poker team, check out How to Get an ICE Wearable.