ICE Poker

Rewards Example

An example of rewards from playing Challenge Mode
Let's walk through an example of your rewards if you:
  • Completed all daily challenges.
  • Equipped three wearables.
  • Ranked in the top 5% percentile on the daily leaderboard.

Daily Challenges

Completing all daily challenges earns you 330 $ICE.

Wearable Bonus

You play with three wearables with the following ICE bonuses:
  • Rank 3 Wearable = +24%
  • Rank 4 Wearable = +34%
  • Rank 5 Wearable = +45%
The three wearables give you a total +103% ICE bonus.

Wearable Multiplier

Equipping three wearables give you a 1.4x wearable multiplier.

Performance Multiplier

Placing in the top 5% percentile on the leaderboard gives you a 2x performance multiplier at the end of the day.

Total Rewards

(330 $ICE) * (103% wearable ICE bonus) * (1.4x wearable multiplier) = 938 base $ICE or Banked ICE
(938 base $ICE) * (2x performance multiplier) = 1876 total $ICE or Banked ICE