ICE Poker

Challenge Mode

Play free poker and earn rewards

What Is Challenge Mode?

Challenge Mode is our free-to-play game mode: receive free chips to play each day and complete daily challenges to earn rewards. All the fun of poker, without the downside.
Anyone can play and have a fun experience regardless of skill level.
Poker beginner? Practice your skills and gain experience without the risk of losing. Seasoned player? Test out new strategies in a low-pressure environment.

How to Play Challenge Mode

To play Challenge Mode, you’ll need an ICE Poker All Access wearable. You can buy a wearable or join an ICE Poker team to borrow one.

Challenge Mode Details

  • 3 player minimum
  • Max buy-in = 1,000 chips
  • Small blind = 10 chips
  • Big blind = 20 chips


You receive a set amount of free chips based on your wearable's rank and how many wearables you equip. All players' chip balances reset daily at 00:00 UTC.
Chips are non-transferable tokens that hold no value other than to play ICE Poker with.

Base Chips

Equipping one wearable gives you:
  • Rank 1 — 1,400 chips
  • Rank 2 — 1,500 chips
  • Rank 3 — 1,600 chips
  • Rank 4 — 1,700 chips
  • Rank 5 — 1,800 chips
Additional Chips
Equipping additional wearables adds:
  • Rank 1 — 400 chips
  • Rank 2 — 500 chips
  • Rank 3 — 600 chips
  • Rank 4 — 700 chips
  • Rank 5 — 800 chips
Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3
Rank 4
Rank 5
1,400 chips
1,500 chips
1,600 chips
1,700 chips
1,800 chips
1,800 chips
2,000 chips
2,200 chips
2,400 chips
2,600 chips
2,200 chips
2,500 chips
2,800 chips
3,100 chips
3,400 chips
2,600 chips
3,000 chips
3,400 chips
3,800 chips
4,200 chips
3,000 chips
3,500 chips
4,000 chips
4,500 chips
5,000 chips

Daily Challenges

Each day, you’ll have four daily challenges you can complete to earn rewards and XP.
Challenge Type
5 $ICE or Banked ICE
0 XP
23 $ICE or Banked ICE
1 XP
50 $ICE or Banked ICE
2 XP
75 $ICE or Banked ICE
3 XP

Challenge Types

You’ll be randomly assigned one of the easy, medium, and hard challenges below. Challenges reset daily at 00:00 UTC.
Winning your first hand.
Easy Challenges
  • See the flop X times
  • See the turn X times
  • See the river X times
Medium Challenges
  • Win the hand X times
  • Get a pair X times
  • Get two pair X times
Hard Challenges
  • Get three of a kind X times
  • Get a straight X times
  • Get a flush X times
  • Get a full house X times


Rewards are paid out daily at 00:00 UTC and can be viewed on the DG Account page.
The type of rewards you earn depends on whether you own a wearable or are borrowing one:
  • If you own a wearable, you’ll earn $ICE.
  • If you’re borrowing a wearable, you’ll earn Banked ICE.
$ICE is an in-game currency used to upgrade wearables, buy accessories, add Shine, and more.
Banked ICE
You can use Banked ICE to redeem prizes such as discounted All Access wearables, discounted Arcade wearables, and $ICE. To learn more, check out our Banked ICE blog post.


XP is used to upgrade your wearables to increase your rewards. We’ll cover upgrading wearables and reward bonuses in the next section.
ICE Poker Metaverse — Chips, Challenges, Rewards, and XP UI

Ready to Hit the Tables?

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