ICE Poker

Player Journey

How you can move upward in the ICE Poker
This is how you can start playing ICE Poker and move upward in the ecosystem:
  • Step 1: Team Member
  • Step 2: Tournament Wearable Owner
  • Step 3: All Access Wearable Owner
  • Step 4: Team Owner
You can skip steps by buying one or more specified ICE wearables.
Start your ICE Poker journey for free by joining an ICE Poker team and borrowing a wearable.

Step 1.1: Find an ICE Poker Team

Join our Discord to apply and find an available ICE Poker team.

Step 1.2: Play as a Team Member and Earn a Reward Split

Play Challenge Mode and share rewards with the team owner. To see reward splits for all wearable ranks, check out Lending ICE Wearables.
By playing with Challenge Mode with a borrowed wearable, you'll earn Banked ICE which you can use to redeem for discounted Tournament wearables or All Access wearables.

Step 1.3: Redeem Banked ICE for a Tournament Wearable

Playing Tournament Mode allows you to quickly earn your own All Access wearable.
Tournament Mode provides an accelerated path for skilled players to own an All Access wearable.

Step 2.1: Get a Tournament Wearable

There are two ways to get a Tournament wearable:
Step 2.2: Play Tournament Mode
Hop into ICE Poker Flex and start playing Tournament Mode and earning Tournament Badges.

Step 2.3: Add Shine to Your Wearable

To add more Shine to your wearable and continue entering tournaments, visit the DG Account page.

Step 2.4: Redeem Tournament Badges for an All Access wearable

Earn badges and redeem them for an All Access wearable from the Tournament Prize Marketplace.
All Access wearables give you access to both game modes and platforms for the full ICE Poker experience

Step 3.1: Get an All Access Wearable

To get an All Access wearable, you can:

Step 3.2: Earn Rewards or Tournament Badges

As an All Access wearable owner, you earn 100% of the rewards from playing Challenge Mode.
You can also play Tournament Mode on either platform to win badges and accelerate your player journey.

Step 3.3: Upgrade Your All Access Wearable

Upgrading your All Access wearable increases your rewards from Challenge Mode.
Start your own ICE Poker team and assign your All Access wearable(s) to other players for a reward split.

Step 4.1: Get an all Access Wearable

To get an All Access wearable, you can:

Step 4.2: Find a Player

Join our Discord to review player applications. After finding a player, enter their ETH address on the DG Account page.

Step 4.3: Upgrade Your Wearables

Upgrading your ICE wearable increases your rewards. Higher-ranked wearables give a more favorable reward split to the wearable owner.

Step 4.4: Scale Up Your Guild

Use our Premium ICE Poker Guild Tools to effectively manage your players and scale your poker guild.
To access premium guild management tools, you'll need 1,000 xDG per ICE wearable.