ICE Poker

ICE Accessories

Flex in the Metaverse with ICE accessories

What are ICE Accessories?

ICE accessories are cosmetic items that you can customize your avatar with.
Equipping an accessory doesn't give you access to ICE Poker or increase your gameplay rewards.
You can choose from various accessories such as hats, chains, rings, and more. Accessories come in three tiers:
  • Low Tier — Accessories with a supply of 1,000 items that costs 1,000 $ICE each.
  • High Tier — Accessories with a supply of 100 items that costs 10,000 $ICE each.
  • High Roller — Exclusive accessories that can only be acquired by owning a full set of rank 5 wearables from a single collection. To learn more, check out High Roller ICE Accessories.

How Do You Get ICE Accessories?

You can buy ICE Accessories from the DG Marketplace.
Decentral Games Marketplace — ICE Accessories