ICE Poker

High Roller Accessories

Prestigious ICE accessories that unlock exclusive perks

What are High Roller ICE Accessories?

High Roller ICE accessories are limited edition items that can only be acquired by owning a full set of rank 5 wearables from a single collection. These accessories are cosmetic items that unlock also exclusive perks.
There are currently two available High Roller ICE accessories:
  • ICE Crown
  • ICE Scepter

ICE Crown

The ICE Crown was the first High Roller ICE accessory created and there are only 100 ICE Crowns in existence.
All ICE Crowns have been claimed and are now only available on OpenSea.
ICE Crown
ICE Scepter
The ICE Scepter is our second High Roller ICE accessory. There are only 500 ICE Scepters in existence and over half have been claimed.
To get an ICE Scepter, you’ll need to meet the requirements at the bottom of this page.
ICE Scepter

High Roller Perks

Owning a High Roller ICE accessory unlocks exclusive perks, such as:
  • Airdrops.
  • Cross-game utility.
  • VIP Discord channels.
  • Accessing Diamond Hand City’s second floor.
High Roller owners get access to exclusive airdrops.
We recently partnered with WonderZone, a mining and crafting game in Decentraland. As part of the partnership, Crown owners received a rare ICE Pickaxe and Skeleton skin to use in WonderMine. To learn more, check out our partnership announcement.
We’ve partnered with Dice Masters, an MMORPG in Decentraland, to offer cross-utility for our community.
Equipping a Crown or Scepter in Dice Master boosts your Luck, increasing your resource gathering and hit chance against high-level enemies. To learn more, check out our partnership announcement.
After getting a High Roller ICE accessory, you can verify your ownership in our Discord server to get a High Roller Discord role.
The High Roller Discord role grants you access to VIP Discord channels where you can chat with other High Rollers, enter exclusive giveaways, and more.
Diamond Hands City is our exclusive venue only accessible to rank 5 (Diamond Hands) wearable owners — but there’s an even more prestigious area: the second floor.
Owning a High Roller ICE accessory gives you access to the second floor of Diamond Hands City where you can hang out, play poker, and chat with other High Roller owners.

How to Get a High Roller ICE Accessory

To get a High Roller ICE accessory, you must meet the following requirements:
  1. 1.
    Collect a full set of rank 5 wearables from a single collection.
  2. 2.
    Hold 5,000 $xDG.
After meeting the requirements, please submit a support ticket in our Discord so our staff can verify and send you your High Roller ICE accessory.

Shop High Roller ICE Accessories

You can also shop for High Roller ICE Accessories on OpenSea.